Taylor Smith

Nickname: Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 29


Weapon (Paddle): Franklin

Club: ECP

Sponsor: -


Major Results:

2022 Open Men’s Doubles National Champion
2023 Sydney state champs: Runner Up in Open singles and Gold for Open men’s doubles
2023 Oceania Tournament: Silver in the Open Men’s doubles
Qld State Champs 2021: Open men’s doubles and Open Singles winner


How did you get started playing Pickleball, what did you play before (if anything), and what inspired you to pursue it as a competitive sport?

A friend showed me the sport down at the Miami courts and I’ve enjoyed playing ever since. I played tennis since I was 8 and played all the way up to college in Kansas till about 21. Came home started to play paddle tennis and got to represent AUS over in Japan.

Aside from Pickleball, do you have any hidden talents or hobbies that might surprise your fans?

I love playing sports – I play paddle tennis and indoor cricket. I love gaming with my friends.

If you were to design your dream Pickleball court, what unique features would it have, and where would it be located?

It would look a lot like Dr Martin’s house – with a great view whilst playing pickleball, an infinity pool, with a sauna, spa and ice bath.

Music and sports often go hand in hand. What's your go-to pump-up song or playlist before a big match?

I was listening to a lot of inspiring quotes back when playing college tennis. But now I just play some theme songs from movies and any of the latest hits.

If you had to describe Pickleball to someone who never knew the game using only 5 words, what would they be?

Fun – Electric – Fast – Enjoyable – Friendly