Team Captain

Ludovica Sciaky

Nickname: Lu
Gender: Female
Age: 30


Weapon (Paddle): Hustl Legend

Club: KT Academy Pickleball

Sponsor: -

@ludovicasciaky.pb / @lsciaky

Major Results:

2023 Queensland Championship, Single Open - Gold
2023 Queensland Championship, Open Women's Double's - Gold
PPL Gold Coast, Open Womens Doubles - Gold
NPL, Open Single - Gold
NPL, Open Team Competition - Gold


How did you get started playing Pickleball, what did you play before (if anything), and what inspired you to pursue it as a competitive sport?

Before diving into the world of Pickleball, I used to play professional tennis. I started playing tennis at 6 years old, and at the age of 14 I started traveling the world and competing in tournaments all over the USA, Asia, and Europe. Unfortunately, due to a car accident, I could not pursue my dream on a tennis court.

In October 2013, I decided to make a fresh start in Australia and pursue my passion for business. I got graduated in Business Entrepreneurship at Torrens University in Brisbane, followed by a series of immersive digital marketing courses in collaboration with the University of California.

After my studies, I started my own mobile coaching company “LV Tennis Professional” where I was providing mobile tennis lessons all over Brisbane and Sunshine Coast. I had 5 coaches working for me, however within that time my visa was running out, so I had to sell it and I had to find a sponsor visa in order to stay in the country.

I have been sponsored as a Head Tennis Coach at KT Academy which is where my pickleball journey started.

Since the early success I had on the court, I started playing more and more tournaments.

I am extremely competitive by nature, and I always strive to win, even when I play UNO with my friends. For me, the thrill of pushing my limits and discovering the extent of my capabilities is a journey that never ends.

Sequently I attended the Pickleball Coaching Course with the International Pickleball Federation and together with my boss we established KT Academy Pickleball at Mooloolaba Tennis Club- a thriving Pickleball Academy that provides coaching, clinics, and hosts events and competitive tournaments.

KT Academy Pickleball has been awarded the Best QLD Pickleball Business of the year in 2022.

Aside from Pickleball, do you have any hidden talents or hobbies that might surprise your fans?

I'm a sports enthusiast. My free moments are often spent at the beach, engaging in swimming, beach volleyball, soccer, and basketball or any sport or competition. Additionally, I do boxing sessions twice a week to maintain my vitality. Beyond sports, I'm committed to personal growth, immersing myself in books, participating in business gatherings, fostering connections, and gaining insights from podcasts.

If you were to design your dream Pickleball court, what unique features would it have, and where would it be located?

It would be located on the beach or esplanade, who wouldn’t enjoy a swim after a hit of pickleball in the warm QLD?

Music and sports often go hand in hand. What's your go-to pump-up song or playlist before a big match?

Hall of Fame by The Script,
Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Let's switch gears a bit – if you were to star in a Pickleball-themed movie, what would the storyline be, and which actor or actress would you want as your co-star?

I'd be excited to share the incredible journey of how Pickleball grew from a small, local sport to a global sensation, opening opportunities in the sports world for everyone.

I'd want to dive into my own biography, highlighting the transition of not only tennis players but athletes and non-athletes from various backgrounds who discovered the thrill of Pickleball.

The story would begin in USA and shift to Australia, mainly in a charming and small town like Mooloolaba where I discovered the sport and, where my ex-business partner and I embarked on an innovative adventure.

Together, we founded Six Zero Pickleball the first Australian Pickleball paddle company. We pioneered the creation of the world's first thermoformed paddle revolutionizing the game and sparking a wave of success all over the world.
In only 2 months from our launch we had TV channels, Youtuber and journals talking about our paddles.

It all started like a game, but we spent more than a year on research testing over 100 paddle prototypes before the final launch.

Amid the early triumphs, I'd share valuable insights for anyone in business or in the competitive sport industry, underscoring the importance of perseverance, determination, creativity, and seizing opportunities as well as challenges, mental toughness and struggles.

For my dream co-stars, I can think of no one better than Serena and Venus Williams. They have been my idols since childhood, not only for their phenomenal tennis careers but also for their dedication to breaking barriers by consistently fighting for equality and rights.

Their journey from tennis champions to cultural icons aligns perfectly with the themes of the movie, as they've consistently pushed boundaries and encouraged others (women’s in particular) to follow their passions use their voices and platforms for change (on and off the court).

Whether in business or on the tennis/pickleball court, it's a solo journey where fighting for your rights is essential and a non-stop learning.

I will conclude the movie mentioning the reasons I was required to sell my business during his best success with the announcement of my next adventures on and off court.

If you had to describe Pickleball to someone who never knew the game using only 5 words, what would they be?