George Wall

Nickname: -
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Plays: Right handed

Weapon (Paddle): 6.0 Double Black Diamond

Club: -

Sponsor: -


Major Results:

PPL GC Open Men’s Singles & Doubles Gold, Victorian Open Triple Crown.


How did you get started playing Pickleball, what did you play before (if anything), and what inspired you to pursue it as a competitive sport?

I was a tennis player in my junior days. I played College Tennis in the U.S. for Dartmouth College.

I got into pickleball after one of my best mates played it in the U.S. for the first time & said the game was awesome. When I Googled the sport, I saw that Tom Brady had just invested in an MLP team. I bought a paddle that night & have been hooked since.

Aside from Pickleball, do you have any hidden talents or hobbies that might surprise your fans?

I cook a restaurant-quality steak & I have been undefeated at Jenga since 2016.I asked my partner, Julie, what I should list as my hobbies and she replied: “The things you like are boring to most people”, so on her advice, I’m going to list my hobbies as “No comment”.

If you were to design your dream Pickleball court, what unique features would it have, and where would it be located?

My dream court wouldn’t have any thrills to it, but it’d be on a good surface with plenty of space around the perimeter. It’d be located right here: 28°38'21.8"S 153°38'09.3"E

Music and sports often go hand in hand. What's your go-to pump-up song or playlist before a big match?

Avicii is my go-to if I need to heighten my senses.

Let's switch gears a bit – if you were to star in a Pickleball-themed movie, what would the storyline be, and which actor or actress would you want as your co-star?

It’d be a coming-of-age story where I’m sent to a boarding school to harness my unique talents. The school’s marquee sport would be pickleball where, as part of a team, I’d compete against the school’s other houses. My legacy as a pickleball player would be debated by fans forever. Some would suggest I would be the greatest to ever do it while others would say I played in a weak era.

During my time at the school however, it would become clear that my destiny is to face up against a historic villain & so my focus by the end of the saga would turn away from pickleball to focus on that showdown. My co-star would play my best friend in the film. It would be Rupert Grint, who like me, would be a wizard.

If you had to describe Pickleball to someone who never knew the game using only 5 words, what would they be?

Drive, Drop, Dink, Dodge, Devour.